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main imageWriter Town is an exciting community for freelancers. This includes writers, bloggers, and other creative professionals.

We focus on unique ways to make money and helping people become more successful – either online or offline.

While we have a special interest in freelance writing, we also accept a wide range of topics on success.

We accept articles about:

Writing: Freelance writing tips and advice (best practices, making money as a writer, and more).

Online success: Becoming a better blogger, social media, various freelance work, and everything you can perform digitally.

Offline success: Creative ways to make money on the side, offline.

In conclusion:

Topics should focus on increasing your overall success as a freelancer (income, productivity, motivation, general tips, and so on).

Fantastic reasons to join us…

Get Paid to Write: Claim some paid assignments

Get paid to write several tasks throughout the month directly from our dashboard, similarly to TextBroker and Demand Media. These assignments are paid directly by us.


Average weekly tasks available: Between 1 and 5

Payment schedule: We pay every Friday via PayPal

Paid articles vary greatly in length (ranging from 75 words to over 500).

Over 3,200 external writing gigs at any given time

Perfect for writers and editors working from home.

Access over 3,200 gigs from many websites and job boards to ensure that you don’t miss the latest opportunity. Most of these are telecommuting gigs.


Writing Gigs

Copyediting Gigs

Copywriting Gigs

Transcription Gigs

Translation Gigs

Proofreading Gigs

The main benefit here is convenience. We know that you are busy, so why spend hours scouring the internet one website at a time? This effectively allows you to see the latest work-from-home gigs from one single, convenient location.

Put it this way: You could easily land a lucrative gig within the next hour. There are always new websites that pay writers here — 24/7.

Most jobs can be done from home, each one neatly organized and frequently updated. There is always a new gig to look at. Always.

Also: See a job that you like but don’t have the time to apply right away? Simply “Save” it and view it later!

Note: Such jobs do not come straight from us, but rather from multiple sources.



Featured jobs (High-paying)

This is a special category that contains highly interesting, noteworthy writing/editing gigs. These typically offer higher pay and long-term potential.

Here you will find pay per article websites from high-profile businesses and other lucrative sources.

Note: Such jobs do not come straight from us, but rather from multiple sources.



Hundreds of lucrative markets for writers (many pay over $700 per article)

We have hundreds of market listings that pay top dollar for your submissions. These include article submission websites as well as online magazines.

Many of these sources pay well over $700 for a single submission.

Click to enlarge

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We also link you to the submissions guidelines to help get you started right away.

These websites pay writers and editors for practically every subject imaginable.

You may publish new or existing articles

You can publish either new or existing articles here on Writer Town, as long as you own the content.

It gets better: You may also publish a synopsis/summary instead, and then link to the original source on your website.

Earn 100% ad revenue (AdSense, Chitika or Other required)

Looking for a great ad revenue sharing website? Yeah, we’ve got you covered in that area.

Unlike those other guys, you actually get to keep 100% of the revenue with us.

Your articles can optionally display various ads and all earnings are 100% yours to keep.

Don’t like ads? No problem. You can also display anything else in their place or disable them on a per-article basis.


Include self-serving links within your articles

Feel free to include any type of self-serving links in your articles, including affiliate links. After all, it’s your content – you have full control.

All links are also do-follow to help boost your SEO efforts.

Get your own bio

You also get a beautiful bio under all published articles telling readers more about you.

This gives people more chances to connect with you via social media and other sources you own.

Your content is promoted on your behalf

Many of your articles appear on prominent social media networks, in addition to our own newsletter. This allows people to benefit from your best work.

Receive monthly acknowledgments

During the first week of each month, we give a small reward to one random member simply for interacting on the site. Interaction may include:

  • Posting a comment

  • Posting an article (either a short summary, or a full-length post)

  • Sharing an article on social media

These range from Amazon gift cards, money and more. Again, we do this as a “thank you” and to acknowledge your time with us.

An irresistible directory of tutorials and guides

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better…

We are constantly adding detailed guides about the following:




Launching your business

Leveraging social media


Creative ways to make money

(and more)

These are available in the event you wish to expand your skills and explore new ways to be successful.

After all, every writer and blogger needs to know some other business tactics these days, and that is exactly what these tutorials teach you.

These guides alone provide a great reason to join, and we are constantly adding new ones to our library. Trust us, you’ll love them.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Exclusive interviews

We host the occasional Q&A (written) interview with you and other people outside of our club.

If you have an interesting story that could help others, we want to hear all about it.

We cover your PayPal fees when paying for articles

This means you will always get the exact amount advertised when we request paid assignments.

Other goodies

Do-follow blog comments: All links in your comments are dofollow, including the ‘Name’ field. Note: This feature is available for free.

We’re pretty relaxed: No judgmental people or Grammar Nazis are allowed here. We encourage you to be casual, humorous and conversational.

Apply: Only $1 a month

Pay only a ridiculously low fee of $1 each month via PayPal.

Note that we are a club; article publishing is only a portion of everything we provide.  Thus, our small fee is to access every available feature as a whole.

That $1 is guaranteed to help you earn well over $2,000 from writing gigs. Trust us.

However, we can’t promise it will remain this low forever, so the best time to apply is now.

Wish to get a refund after signing up? Simply send us an e-mail and we’ll refund you. You may also unsubscribe at any time.

In other words, you have nothing to lose.

Please read before you apply:

Important: We occasionally release assignments paid directly by us (bullet point #1, above). However, the remaining writing gigs come from external sources (points #2 and #3, above).

To claim direct assignments (bullet point #1) you must reside in the U.S. and submit a completed W9 form by email. However, this is entirely optional. You can still enjoy most features without submitting the form and without being a U.S. resident.

In other words, everyone is welcome to apply to Writer Town, worldwide!

If you fully understand our services, apply below.


  • Claim a few articles directly paid by us (See bullet point #1 above)
  • Get paid to write: Over 3,200 external gigs from multiple sources
  • Featured writing gigs (external) offering better pay and benefits
  • An extensive list of freelance market listings
  • Publish new or existing articles
  • Publish article excerpts (which link back to your website)
  • Earn 100% ad revenue from your articles
  • Include self-serving links within your articles
  • Get a user bio below all published articles
  • Monthly acknowledgments
  • A huge list of guides and tutorials
  • Would you like to be interviewed?
  • Relaxed and friendly environment
  • We actively promote your work on YOUR behalf

What some users are saying...

  • Writer Town really changed my career/life. The writing gigs overview is awesome as it helped me get some amazing clients.

    – Jesse Logister

  • Writer Town is the first place I go when it’s time to seek out new freelance writing clients. I save enormous amounts of time this way — it’s helpful to have so many writing gigs all in one place!


    – Vanessa Morgan

  • As a freelance writer, Writer Town has become a nearly daily stop for me. I’ve been at this a while,  but the jobs list that Writer Town provides helped me take the game to the next level…


    – Mark Morris

  • Writer Town provides a great service for freelancers. I’ve gotten various jobs through the site,  several of which have turned into long-term, remunerative work.


    – Jane Meggitt

  • As a former recruiter, I was able to land several resume-writing gigs and continue to find similar work on a regular basis.


    – Lucy Friend (Kimberly)

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