How to Fix Google Chrome Crashes

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Google Chrome Crashes Constantly? Here’s What to Do Google Chrome, a widely used browser isn’t an exception to frequent crashes. This problem is encountered while watching online YouTube videos, browsing websites, and several other times. Problem with several plug-ins, also… Continue Reading


Intriguing Facts About the Male and Female Brain

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How Do Male and Female Brains Differ? Everyday we interact with our own species and whether it’s a female or a male, we can see differences in the ways each gender acts or reacts. We might say, well, men are… Continue Reading


This is What Lack of Sleep Does to your Brain

By: X O X O L I C I O U S

Sleep Deprivation Effects on the Brain By “need,” I mean with your physical and mental faculties are not affected in any way. You don’t feel sluggish, drowsy, lightheaded, irritable, lacking in focus and many other things like making more frequent… Continue Reading


This is the Most Important Weight Loss Tactic…

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Jena tosses and turns on her bed, dreading the beams of sunlight that will burst through the windows at any moment. She prefers the welcome heat of her bed, she keeps telling herself. While she fears the blinding intensity of… Continue Reading


Demotivated? Me too….

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Being a writer is brilliant. Currently i am a theatre reviewer, book editor, and freelance writer. I am getting paid for none of them, however, the opportunities it is creating for me is worth it all. I get to write,… Continue Reading


How to Move Out of Your Parents’ House (Successfully)

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When to Move Out of Your Parents’ House Kids today are so ready to grow up and assume adulthood as if it were a blessing. While living on your own can be an awesome experience, it can also be a… Continue Reading


Pediatric Acupuncture: The Right Connection Between Your Kids and Needles

By: Anton Novoselov

Top of the head, putting children and needles together might seem like a disastrous mix. However, more and more families are now making that pair work. Paring your children with needles through acupuncture is a great way of maintaining and… Continue Reading