Positive Vs. Negative Reinforcement in Eliminating Criminal Behavior

geralt / Pixabay

The proposal to eliminate factors that cause or contribute to criminal behavior is a fantastic approach. The penal system focuses on punishment, while neglecting preventing future offending. Negative reinforcement of this sort may work in some cases, but when an… Continue Reading


The Learning Theory as Applied to Two Different Crimes

By: Eugene Zemlyanskiy

Crimes vary in severity, type, and level of public condemnation. For example, shoplifting is considered a lesser crime than aggravated assault. Grand theft auto is considered a more severe crime than shoplifting, but is a similar crime type. Grand theft… Continue Reading


Drugs and Intimate Partner Violence: The Correlations

By: Katie Tegtmeyer

The study titled Relationship Between Drug Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence: A Longitudinal Study Among Women Receiving Methadone (2005) selected a random sample of 461 women in drug treatment programs, and this quantity was arrived upon after several factors ruled… Continue Reading


Video: Ignorant Oregon Deputy Arrests Man Over Recording

MissPiggy / Pixabay

Every now and then I see incompetent cops making unlawful arrests based on the mistaken belief that it is illegal to record them in public. The latest case involves an ignorant Klamath County sheriff’s deputy, seen in this video arresting… Continue Reading


These 90s Cartoons Will Make You Want to Be a Kid Again…

By: Rob Bulmahn

Picture this: It’s a typical weekday, and you just arrived from school. Aside from eating a good lunch made by your loving parents, your highest priority is to sit and watch the wide range of cartoons that aired every single… Continue Reading


iPad Mini Review

By: closari

Rating With 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. For suitability for children, I rate this product a 4 due to the following reasons:   Age Range With protective case ages 3-17, without protective case 13-17! How affordable… Continue Reading


Understanding Children’s Fear of Dentists

By: makelessnoise

  Imagine this scenario: you are in unfamiliar surroundings with an antiseptic smell that is supposed to make the place clean and comfortable; you’re lying on a chair and have your mouth open, a dentist who is basically a stranger… Continue Reading


Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

By: Alan O'Rourke

Today, many of us want to pack up our jobs and be our own bosses. The idea of working for you attracts many. However, the reality of making it happen soon stops most. In fact the vast majority of us… Continue Reading


The Significance of a Website to Your Business

importance of a website

The Internet, over the years since its inception, has had a profound impact on the business industry. Businesses rely on the Internet to perform perfunctory tasks and even those that are somewhat challenging. Additionally, the Internet is used to boost… Continue Reading


Affiliate Marketing and Pay-per-click

By: SEOPlanter

Do you want to make more money? Do you want to turn that computer you spent so much money on into a cash cow? Well, it is possible. It won’t happen overnight but with time and hard work you’ll soon… Continue Reading