Starting Freelance Writing

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How to Become a Freelance Writer with No Experience Last night I was wondering what might be the formal or bookish meaning of the word “Freelancer”. Then I asked, “Google Google on desktop, what is called freelance job?” Google replied… Continue Reading


What is Education, Really?

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Why is Education Important in Society? Education is a tool for life. What you learn in school or at home can both be looked as education. Being home-schooled by your parents or being in a public school is education. Our… Continue Reading


Choosing the Best Spare Tire Bike Rack

By: Sheffield Tiger

Have you ever considered fixing a spare tire bike rack on your car? To help you choose the best type of spare tire bike rack that is suitable for your car and bikes, it is essential that you consider the… Continue Reading


No Texting at the Table

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The following suggestion may shock and astound you. It’s a new concept, not always easily grasped, especially in the workplace. Those of you who participate in meetings (and that’s probably all of you) will have the most difficult time understanding… Continue Reading


The Pitfalls of Freelance Writing

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If you are good at it, freelance writing can be a lucrative and rewarding profession. Writing offers many perks like free stuff, the freedom to choose your hours, and a built in ego boost when your work goes viral. Unfortunately… Continue Reading


Boredom: The Mother of Inspiration

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I’ve been spending my vacation for almost fifteen days. When it began, it brought me utter joy to even being able to think of the end of that long hectic semester. But today at the very edge of this long… Continue Reading